42 inch curved light bar

42 Inch Curved Light Bar Reviews (3 Amazing)

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Curved light bars are better alternatives for your car than halogens. Here are 3 of the best 42 inch curved light bar products and why you should use one.

42 inch curved light bar
With its high lumen capacity, driving at night is much safer

You’ve probably seen a curved light on some cars and thought that it looked pretty amazing as compared to the traditional halogen lights that most other cars have. And you’re totally right about that. However, aside from just aesthetic appeal, a 42 inch curved light bar also has a lot of other cool benefits as well.

For this purpose, we’ll talk about some of the benefits you can get from buying a nice 42 inch curved LED light bar as well as 3 of the best 42 inch curved light bar products to buy.


Let’s get started!

Why Use a Curved Light Bar?

Aesthetic Benefits

As we already mentioned above, you can really beautify your car with these types of lights. It can jazz up the front look of the car and is customizable based on your preferences. You can even trim these lights to make them fit the style you want.

Night Vision

As compared to halogen lights, these lights are designed to work really well at night. So, if you are often on the road during night time, you may want to buy this kind of light.


Unlike most regular lighting systems, these ones are actually sturdier and more durable. They are impact resistant and also last pretty long. Therefore, if you’re worried about the longevity of your lighting system, this can be the solution that you’re after.

High-Quality Reflector

Lastly, a 42 inch light bar curved has a high-quality 3D light reflector. That’s one of the reasons why the light output of these lights is so powerful. Aside from that, the illumination that these lights produce are not too bright that they might distract you or other people from the road.

Best 42 Inch Curved Light Bar Reviews

Here are our top picks:

AutoSaver88 42 Inch Curved Led Work Light

AutoSaver88 42 Inch Curved Led Work Light
AutoSaver88 42 Inch Curved Led Work Light.
Via: Amazon.com

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When it comes to the 42 inch curved light bar highest lumens, we’d say this one is on the top of the list. In particular, this one has a total of 35000 lumens and a power rating of 350w. This makes it a very strong light that can give you the best illumination. But a high-power light won’t mean that you need to spend extra on energy. It actually has a low power consumption feature because of its energy-saving electric circuit.

Finally, it is one of the more durable curved LED lights in the market. It is made of tempered glass and has a body that’s made of IP68 material, making it completely waterproof and corrosion-resistant.


  • 35000 lumens of power and 350w
  • Made out of IP68 waterproof material
  • Die-cast aluminum material makes it corrosion resistant
  • Glass is tempered glass that is scratch and impact-proof
  • Energy-saving electric circuit
  • Can be used for a variety of vehicles


  • Fire hazard if not used properly
  • Flimsy wiring which may result in some flickering

Nilight 42Inch Curved LED Work Light

Nilight 42Inch Curved LED Work Light
Nilight 42Inch Curved LED Work Light.
Via: Amazon.com

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What we love the most about this curved LED light is that it has a really wide beam that allows it to reach a far area. This can be extremely useful for driving at night because it allows you to see far ahead. You’ll have more visibility even at night. It’s also pretty durable being made of IP67 die-cast aluminum, so it’s actually water-resistant.

To further add to its durability, this work light has a great heat sink that is also made out of die-cast aluminum. The heat dissipation feature allows it to never overheat making it have a long lifespan.


  • Wide area of coverage
  • Can reach far distances for increased visibility
  • Waterproof to up to 3.3 feet of water
  • Very efficient heat sink for total heat reduction


  • Not resistant to corrosion
  • Not fully waterproof

Nilight Curved 42″ Spot Flood Combo LED Bar

Nilight  Curved 42" Spot Flood Combo LED Bar
Nilight Curved 42″ Spot Flood Combo LED Bar.
Via: Amazon.com

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This LED bar is similar to the previously mentioned Nilight but with a few more improved features. It has an even longer lifespan than the Nilight that we discussed above. That’s because it is covered by a 6063 heavy-duty material and has more than one heat sink. The combination of the materials and the multiple heat sinks make this LED bar long-lasting and resistant to depreciation.


  • Made out of very durable 6063 heavy-duty casing
  • Resistant to impact and pressure
  • Has more than one heat sink
  • 240w LED lights
  • Has a universal fit type


  • Output of light is not that strong
  • Heavy and bulky built


Now that we’re done with the reviews, the next thing for you to do is buy the best 42 inch curved light bar for your car.

Which one should you choose?

Well, that all depends on what you’re looking for. Just take a look at the features and choose the one that appeals to you best. Once you’ve chosen, go ahead and swipe that card!

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