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Best 36 In LED Light Bar (Tips For Buying)

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What do you look for when you buy a 36 in LED light bar? This buying guide will give you several factors to consider plus two of our top product picks.

36-Inches LED light bar suits best for large vehicles like trucks and RVs
36-Inches LED light bar suits best for large vehicles like trucks and RVs

If you happen to own a truck, then it’s ideal if you install a 36 in LED light bar on the top.


Because these 36 inches LED light bars give the best visibility for nighttime driving. They help you see the road beyond just what’s in front of you. They can keep you and the other drivers surrounding you safe from accidents.

Of course, buying the right type of LED light bar is going to be quite a challenge since there are a lot of choices out there to buy. That’s why this guide will help you narrow your choices down to the one product that you need.

What Is the Best 36 Inches LED Light Bar?

In order to begin our guide, we’re going to introduce you to two of our top products that you can choose from.

Take a look at them below:

1. AUXTINGS 36 inch 234W Led Light Bar Offroad

AUXTINGS 36 inch 234W Led Light Bar Offroad
AUXTINGS 36 inch 234W Led Light Bar Offroad. Via: Amazon.com

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If you’re looking for a very strong and durable 36 inch LED light bar offroad combo, then you won’t find any other product that’s better than this one. First of all, it is made out of very strong die-cast aluminum alloy housing that is waterproof. The strong water resistance comes from the protective cover made out of a silicone sealing strip and rubber pad.

You’ll also notice that the material allows it to have extremely good heat dissipation, making it able to cool down the lights to avoid overheating.


  • Made out of powerful, advanced LED chips and a PC lens for strong illumination
  • Strong die-cast aluminum alloy covering
  • Has a silicone strip and rubber pad that makes it waterproof
  • The bracket is adjustable and easy to install
  • 234w LED light
  • Strong heat dissipation


  • Water tends to stay inside the body of the light

2. Nilight 36 Inch 234W Led Light Bar Combo

Nilight 36 Inch 234W Led Light Bar Combo
Nilight 36 Inch 234W Led Light Bar Combo. Via: Amazon.com

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Another great choice for a LED light bar 36 inches is the Nilight 36 inch 234W LED Light bar combo. The great thing about this light bar is that it has high power but low power consumption. It has a very high lumen count but doesn’t use that much energy. You’ll also notice that it has a powerful pure white 6500K color temperature.

Aside from overall efficiency, it also has a shelf life of 50,000 hours in total. So, if you want something that has high coverage, bright lights, and long shelf life, then this is a very good product to choose from.


  • Very strong bright lights
  • 6500K pure white light color temperature
  • 50,000-hour lifespan
  • Low energy consumption
  • IP68 water-resistant body


  • The mounting is not that steady
  • Not that easy to install

Buying Guide: LED Light Bar For Trucks

Now that you know the two best 36 inch LED light bars, the next thing to know about is how to choose the best one out of the two. While they are rather similar in nature, they do have their own advantages and disadvantages. You need to look for the one wherein the pros and cons suit your preferences. In order to do that, you need to have criteria to follow.

Here are your criteria below:


The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the watts. Now, both of the abovementioned products have 234w which is roughly around 2000 lumens or slightly a bit lower. The wattage determines the power of the light. As you can see, both these products are really powerful and have very bright illumination. But should you want to buy from another brand, this is the first factor to consider.


The next thing that you may want to take a look at is the lifespan of the lights. In general, you might want to get a light bar that has a lifespan of 30,000 hours to 50,000 hours in total. That way, it can last for many years.


The material is pretty important to consider because you need something that’s durable. You need to have a light with a cover that has a material of at least IP67 or IP68. These two material types have high water-resistant qualities making them able to take rainy weather.

Color Temperature

The last thing to consider is the color temperature. This is important because you’ll need bright, white lights if you’ll need to drive at night. That’s why high color temperature lights are the most ideal for night truck driving. A color temperature range of 6000K to 6500K is most preferred.


If you’re interested in getting a 36 in LED light bar, then at least you have two choices at hand. All you need to do is study the pros and cons of each product and buy the one that suits your needs. You can use the buying guide to help you distinguish which one is the best fit for you.

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