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2000 Lumen LED Bulb: Lumens You Need for Bedroom & Best Review

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Trying your best to get the right brightness for your room but to no avail? Maybe you got the lumen wrong? Read here to know why 2000 lumen LED bulb is your best pick!

2000 Lumen LED Bulb | KRM Light+
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A lot of people are confused and easily give up in understanding light measurements. This is also the reason why we, more often than not, end up buying the wrong LED light bulb.

But in today’s article, I’m going to share with you some useful information about 2000 lumen LED bulbs and the best-value product in this category.

First, let me explain why the 2000 lumen LED bulb is an excellent choice for bedroom lighting.

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Why Choose 2000 Hi-Lumen LED Bars?

If you are confused which lumen level to choose for bedroom lighting, and whether 2000 lumen is enough or you need a higher one, this section will help you decide.

  • The Perfect Bedroom Brightness

Did you know that each room requires different lumen levels? This means that there are rooms that need full brightness whilst some just need less bright bulbs.

A kitchen, for instance, has to be installed with a full-bright Hi-Lumen LED bulb. The recommended lumens for kitchens are somewhere between 5,000 to 10,000 lumens. This is because this is a work area that originally requires ambient lighting. But at night, you don’t have enough available light in the environment. Thus, some people opted to add task lights on their counter and sink.

The bedroom, on the other hand, needs more of the task lighting, specifically near the working table and bedside table. Most of the ambient lighting is directed towards the dressing area or the vanity area though.

Also, the needed lumens for the average bedroom are just around 2,000 to 4,000 lumens since bedrooms are ideally a place for sleeping, so many actually prefer a dimmable light. This is why I think a 2,000 lumen is just perfect for bedrooms. If you want to work on something, you can just add a task light near your working space.

Watch video: Sansi 2000 Lumen LED lights Review

The lumen requirements for each room is listed below:

– Kitchen (5000 to 10000 lumens)

– Bathroom (4000 to 5000 lumens)

– Dining Room and Study Room ( 3000 to 6000 lumens)

– Bedroom (2000 to 3000 lumens)

– Living Room (1500 to 3000 lumens)

  • Cool, Soft and Warm Color Choices

Have you ever noticed that some light bulbs emit a soft white glow while some produce a warm glow?

Well, a lot of people (to which most interior designers agree) think that a warm, cozy ambiance is befitting a bedroom. This is why a soft white or warm white color temperature is the best option for bedrooms. However, a cool white color temperature also makes smaller rooms appear bigger by reflecting light in all corners of the room.

Luckily, there are a lot of 2000 lumen LED bulbs for sale across different brands nowadays. And you can even choose from cool to warm color temperatures.

  • Available Across Many LED brands

As mentioned above, it isn’t that hard to find the best 2000 lumen LED bulbs. A lot of reputable brands are selling this lumen levels. So, you’ll have a lot more choices in this category as compared to other lumen levels.

  • Have the Standard E26 Bulb Base

Another important thing that you need to take note of when installing LED bulb is whether it is compatible with the E26 base, which is the standard and most commonly used bulb base in the U.S.

If you need more information about fluorescent to LED conversion, Read HERE!

One great advantage of most 2000 lumen LED bulb is that they are compatible with the E26 bulbs. So, whether you previously have A19 or E26 bulbs, you can still use the base even if you switch to LED light.

Best-Value 2000 Lumen LED Bulb in the Market Today

Want to know my recommended 2000 lumen LED bulb? It’s none other than the SANSI 2000 Lumen A21 LED Light Bulb.

SANSI 18W (150 Watt Equivalent) LED Light Bulbs, A21 LED Bulbs, 2000 Lumens Light Bulbs, 5000K Daylight LED, E26 Base, Non-Dimmable, Bright led bulbs, 4-Pack. Via: Amazon.com

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If you are curious why we highly recommend this 2000 lumen bulb, then just read below!

Here are the reasons why I love this LED bulb:

  • It emits a comfortable light glow and can be a good incandescent light replacement.
  • Can be used for as long as 25,000 hours
  • This LED bulb is easy to set up and install
  • You can use the standard E26 base for this A21 shape LED bulb.
  • The bulb s certified to be toxic-free and mercury lead-free, so it’s safe even when the bulb burn out.
  • Suitable for table lamps, pendant fixtures, and ceiling lights
  • This helps you save energy and an estimated money-saving cost of 1.93  dollars per day.
  • Flicker-free, so it is also an excellent reading light
  • With reliability standard certification, so you know it is safe to use
  • Also offers a 30-day no questions asked warranty policy
  • Additional 5 years warranty service

A lot of customers love the glow that this bulb produces. Moreover, some buyers also noted that the light is bright enough like a fluorescent bulb, but it is not harsh to the eyes.

A dimmable 2000 lumen LED bulb is also available for those who hate glaring light bulbs.


You see, 2000 lumen LED bulb (dimmable or not) are perfect for bedroom lighting. This. gives enough brightness to light up the entire room. Moreover, some 2000 lumen LED bulbs even have a dimmable switch so that you can further adjust the brightness level that suits your liking.

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