1600 Lumen LED Bulb

1600 Lumen LED Bulb – Uses & Safety Tips

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Know all about 1600 lumen led bulb with our guide. Learn how lumen LED bulbs work, why it is one of the most chosen bulbs and how to use them safely.

1600 Lumen LED Bulb
1600 Lumen LED Bulb | KRM Light+

Most people prefer to use LED bulbs in their homes instead of the usual fluorescent or incandescent bulbs because of overall efficiency.

LED bulbs are known to be much more energy efficient than traditional bulbs because they can convert 95% of energy into light. That alone showcases the LED bulb advantage over traditional lights.

So, if you’re interested in converting your home into a purely LED bulb lighted house, then you best know more about 1600 lumen led bulbs first.

Here are a few things to know:

What Is Lumen?

Before we go into details on LED bulbs, let’s first define what a lumen is:

To put it simply, a lumen is actually just a unit of measurement for luminous flux. This allows you to know how much light is emitted every second. It is the usual unit of measurement for the power of a light bulb.

This is a very important measurement unit to consider when buying LED bulbs because it allows you to identify how powerful the bulbs are. At the same time, you can also judge the energy efficiency by comparing the lumens to the watts.

For a 1600 Lumen LED bulb, the typical wattage would be somewhere around 30 watts.

With this unit of measurement, you can predict which LED bulb is good for your home based on energy and power.

What To Expect From 1600 Lumen Led Bulbs

  • More Power. Less Watts

As mentioned above, LED bulbs are much more efficient than the typical fluorescent lights. Now, a typical 1600 Lumen LED bulb can produce 1600 lumens of power for only 30 watts.

Traditional lights, on the other hand, need up to 100 watts to produce the same kind of power. That said, LED bulbs can produce a strong beam of light but with less energy needed.

Isn’t that amazing?

  • All-Around Use

Another great thing about 1600 Lumen LED bulbs is that they can be used in any light fixture in your home as long as you follow the recommended wattage.

In fact, you can actually replace all the fluorescent lights that you have in your home with LED bulbs. With these, you’ll be able to get the same kind of luminous flux but will save more money on energy.

Safety Tips For Hight Lumen Led Bulbs

Generally, LED bulbs are pretty safe as they are quite similar to traditional fluorescent lights in that aspect.

However, there are a few safety precautions that you still need to take note of when handling this type of light – just to be completely safe.

So, if you’re going to handle some LED bulbs in your home, it pays to know some of the safety tips when using a 1600 Lumen LED bulb.

Check out some of the safety tips we’ve listed here:

  • Do Not Touch the Bulb While On

This may seem like a bit of common sense, but it’s usually taken for granted. This should be taken note of when you handle any type of bulb actually but more so for LED bulbs. This is because LED bulbs are extremely hot.

  • Let the Bulb Cool Before Taking It Out

Most people would take out their bulbs just right after they turn off the light. This is not recommended as there is still some heat left inside the bulb— especially in LED bulbs.

Thus, what we suggest is that you wait for the bulb to cool down first before you take it out. Give it around 5 minutes.

  • Keep Away from Flammable Objects

This is another given that should be observed but still often taken for granted. We recommend that you never put any kind of light near flammable objects. This is especially true for LED bulbs since the strength of LED bulbs can heat up such objects really fast.

  • Use Lower Wattage for LED Bulbs

If you have been using fluorescent bulbs but want to switch to LED bulbs, then you need to use lower wattage LED bulbs. This is because LED bulbs use more power per wattage.

Let’s say the recommended wattage for your light fixture is 100 watts. For fluorescent lamps, that would be just 1600 lumens of power. For LED lights though, 100 watts could give much more than just 1600 lumens.

If you use that kind of power for your light fixture, you might heat it up too much, which could pose a danger. In order to address this problem, simply determine the number of lumens your previous light emitted and convert that to LED bulb wattage.

The internet has a lot of good lumen to watt calculators for you to use.

Click HERE to watch the video and know more about Lumen Dimmable LED light bulb.

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Those are some of the things that you need to know about 1600 lumen LED bulbs. Before you convert your house, carefully study how these types of lights work and how they are used safely.

This guide will surely help you know all of those things.

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